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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

...Where do I start!?!

First things first. My adorable little sisters turned 2 last week. We had a big brekky with becon, eggs, toast and mushrooms which were cooked on a BBQ. The girls then unwrapped their prezzies. They got a painting board that has a blackboard and a white board, some paints, some new clothes and I got them an etch-a-sketch which is a board that has a pen with a magnet on the end of it and magnet stamps in different shapes....It's awesome and addictive. We spent the day at a big park with just a few of us family. It was really nice. We sat under a tree and had a picnic and afterwoods we had a cake that my step-mum had made. It was in the shape of a little piggy! So cute! Afterwoods we walked across the road to the park and spent ages there. The girls had a ball running around, going on the slides and on the swings. It was just an adorable day. It was great that I got to wake up with them on their birthday. Gosh they are just so beautiful.

On wednesday last week I got a phone call from a cafe I had put my resume into that offered a job with 25+hrs on offer and full training provided. They asked me to come in for an interview on the thursday. I felt great that day and I felt that the interview went really well. The lady was really nice and comfortable to talk to which eased my nerves. She told me that because she had so many more interviews to do, she would be ringing us all back on saturday to tell us how we went. I got a call around 2pm and she sounded dull at first but piped up and said that she had good news and that I had got the job. I was exstatic! Today was my second day (as I started yesterday) and I am really enjoying it. The people are nice and I already new someone that worked there which was great. I started with serving people their coffees and food etc and cleaning the floors and tables and today I got to learn how to use the register. I think I am actually getting the hang of it all. The days go really quick too and I have a shift tomorrow, thurs and friday as well. I still work at my other job in the seafood department of woolies with my usual friday night 5hr shift and my sunday 3hr shift. But it is such a good job! I love it! My week is chokka block!

I can't wait for saturday to go to Wet'n'Wild! I get to go for a cheaper price and I am going with Sue, my mum and Wilson! My big sister might be coming too! But that can't be guarenteed....

Anyhoo I is off because I am tired.
Night all!
Beth xx

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