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Thursday, March 10, 2011

...This. Is. War!

Wow I have soooo much to write but I am dog tired and it's only 7:20! Well....I have had a great few days but I'll seperate it all into different blogs. But first of all.....my new obsession! Tomorrow When the War Began....Loved the movie and now I am FINALLY reading the books. Thanks to a great friend, I own the first 2 and well....I have already finised the first and half way through the second....luckily for me I was at the shops today so I got to use the last of my gift card to buy the third book...I know I will have to buy the rest very soon. I love the thrill of it. The tension, the love, the hate, the fury, the suspence. It is just so well written. The characters are portrayed so well and they all have such strong roles. Ellie of course being the main character is just pure awesomeness. But what I love about her is that she is just a true aussie but also a real teenager. I can relate to her and even the others easy. She is strong minded but not a typical hero. She isn't all "macho" I-can-handle-anything-lets-just-step-out-into-the-street-with-guns-and-shoot-all-the-baddies. She has real depth and emotion to her. I hate it when books try and make the main characters invincable. Kinda ruins the story for you.

I managed to also buy the movie today. I have not long finished it...I'm going to start reading my book again soon too because I really just need to know whats going on and how they are going to make it out of this one. I need to know if anyone dies or if Corrie is ok etc....I must have answers but shhhh no one tell me. Let me read :D

Thank you again dear friend! you know me too well...These books are awesome! I could rave all night about them.

Laters peeps. Gotta right my next blog.
Beth xx

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