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Thursday, March 10, 2011

...Seafood Galore

Ok. So I have a new job in the seafood department where I work. It smells bad, we use strong chemicals to clean, it's stressful, and most of the time.....you're on your own. Tomorrow is my third shift and I am so nervous about it. I have to serve, change the trays, clean as I go, keep serving, clean some more, check the temp of everything and record it, wrap everything, bring out the buckets for the prawns, make a bucket of sanitised water for the tags, pack the wrapped seafood away into the cold room (after cleaning the coldroom), put the prawns into the buckets, cover them with ice and put them in the cold room, make slurry for the raw prawns, throw out the old stock, wash and sanitise the trays, hang them to dry, deep clean the floors and the seafood display, rinse it all down, and if I have time wash the left over trays and dividers too. I don't even think I have named everything. But I have 5 hours to do all this...I guess soon enough I will get a routine and things will be smoother and quicker but when it is seafood you are working with, you can't really make mistakes because people can get very sick and work can be blamed for it and then there goes my job. Btw doing all this....I am on my own. Even my first shift I was on my own...I just hope that everything has been re-stocked! I am trying not to phsyce myself out of it but ey what can I do...at least I have a permanent shift fridays nights for 5 hours and sunday arvos for 3. Means money....
Though I am applying for a job at this cafe. 25hours work they want and all training provided. I'll be an assistant barrister something a rather if I remember correctly. I hope I at least get a phone call back about it. Apparently not many people have applied for it and I know someone who works there. If I get the job, that would be great coz I would be able to keep my job in seafood but it depends If it all goes well and which one I prefer.

Well...that reminds me I should print off my resume for tomorrow.
I'll brb with one more blog about the few days I spent with my dad.
Back soon!
Beth xx

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