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Thursday, March 10, 2011

...What a couple of few days!

I love going to my dads. It has been great fun. Dad had tuesday and wednesday off and a late afternoon-midnight shift.
Dad picked me up tuesday morning early before the sisters went to sleep. we went home and played for a little bit then put them down for a nap. While they napped, dad tought me how to use the coffee maker and we sat up the back under the gazebo thingy and had a coffee while he read the paper and I read my book....the one in my previous blogs :P 12:30 came and the girls woke up. We went to The Coffee Club for lunch....I had the nachos and the girls shared mine because there was so many! Afterwoods we walked around for a bit and I bought the girls birthday prezzy....they turn 2 next week!!! We went home and just chilled for a bit and I read some more. We also made caramal tarts with banana on top then thicken cream to cover the banana. soooo goood. My step-mum came home from work and we bathed the girls and cooked dinner and fed them....gave them a bottle of milk then put them to bed. Then we made our own dinner. Vietnamese rolls with seafood! nomnomnom. I read til late that night.
The next day dad thought it would be good to go to the beach and have fish and chips for lunch with the girls and maybe go for a swim and a play at the park. It was so much fun....the food was good and the girls had so much fun at the park. we went on the swings and down the slide and ran around everywhere. Finally we were tired and went for a little walk along the Jetty. I was holding Bear and the wind was blowing my fringe into my face. Bear kept pushing it out of my face for me....it was so cute. We went back to the car and drove home. Not long after we got home, my step-mum got back from work. So dad took me for a drive to teach me 3 point turns and reverse parking...later we went for another hour at night...he is a great teacher. I again read some more.

Today was pretty simple though I could really go for a sleep in but it looks like I might not get one. I'm back with my mummy now though I coulda cried when I said goodbye to the girls...I really miss them so much already. I am now re-writing my CV and failing miserably but Sue helped me out thankfully!

I gotta sleep badly now but I so desperately want to read.
Fuck it.
Beth xx

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