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I am me, Me is I. I express myself through writing and through my actions but not my words. I think with my heart but sometimes my brain takes over. I dream, I feel, I breathe, I love, I think. With trust comes my respect but break it once and you will spends years maybe your life rebuilding it and it will never, ever under any circumstances be completely regained.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

...Making New Friends!

Wet'n'Wild! I sure picked a great day to go! Hardly any lines at all and it was a nice sunny day with a warm tempurature but it did get a little chilly. Sue, Mum and I had such a great day....It was just meant to be. Because some of the rides are meant for two people, it meant that mum had to go with some random which is when we met our new friends Tom and Zoe!!!! They were awesome people! They were newlyweds and had come up from melbourne. Gosh they were awesome friendly people....Zoe was scared of water so it seemed rediculous that they went to a water park but eh. It was an awesome day none the less. Unfortuntely The Loop was closed :( was very dissapointed about that coz I haven't been on them before but ahwell.

Was a busy day at work today though...I had stacks of dishes piled up on tables and everything it was crazy but ahwell. I start barista work this week!!!! :D I couldn't be more excited!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!! anyhoo.

Laters peeps!
Beth xx

Friday, March 25, 2011

...A Skinny Cappuccino and a Flat White in a mug.

 (: Ok. So I may be a tad exausted and my back a little sore but I am loving my new job. Working in a cafe is amazing and the people are so nice. I've had so many hours this week and tonight was my first double shift. I can't wait to sleep but I thought I should blog beforehand. Next week I get to start barista work and well, let's just say, I AM PUMPED! My dad made me promise that I would teach him how to make pretty patterns once I had learned them :P Gotta love him. He was so excited when he got his coffee machine (it's only small and makes one coffee at a time but that's enough for him. But now I have this job he is even more exited because I'll be able to teach him things. I also think I may be getting a slight crush on a guy I work with but eh, I'm not going to let it get to me.

WET'N'WILD tomorrow BABY! Hellz to the yeah. I have'nt been in donkeys months (I know the saying is years but whatever) and it's time to get my adrenalin on. The Loop here I come. Sue is coming with my mum and I though sadly enough my sister can't come and niether can  Wilson but ah well. We'll make a day out of it no matter what!

Laters peeps!
Beth xx

P.s A Personal Thanks to all those who are following my blog and have recently started following my blog :) It's great to know that people find my random thoughts and days interesting so I promise to try and blog more. xox

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

...Where do I start!?!

First things first. My adorable little sisters turned 2 last week. We had a big brekky with becon, eggs, toast and mushrooms which were cooked on a BBQ. The girls then unwrapped their prezzies. They got a painting board that has a blackboard and a white board, some paints, some new clothes and I got them an etch-a-sketch which is a board that has a pen with a magnet on the end of it and magnet stamps in different shapes....It's awesome and addictive. We spent the day at a big park with just a few of us family. It was really nice. We sat under a tree and had a picnic and afterwoods we had a cake that my step-mum had made. It was in the shape of a little piggy! So cute! Afterwoods we walked across the road to the park and spent ages there. The girls had a ball running around, going on the slides and on the swings. It was just an adorable day. It was great that I got to wake up with them on their birthday. Gosh they are just so beautiful.

On wednesday last week I got a phone call from a cafe I had put my resume into that offered a job with 25+hrs on offer and full training provided. They asked me to come in for an interview on the thursday. I felt great that day and I felt that the interview went really well. The lady was really nice and comfortable to talk to which eased my nerves. She told me that because she had so many more interviews to do, she would be ringing us all back on saturday to tell us how we went. I got a call around 2pm and she sounded dull at first but piped up and said that she had good news and that I had got the job. I was exstatic! Today was my second day (as I started yesterday) and I am really enjoying it. The people are nice and I already new someone that worked there which was great. I started with serving people their coffees and food etc and cleaning the floors and tables and today I got to learn how to use the register. I think I am actually getting the hang of it all. The days go really quick too and I have a shift tomorrow, thurs and friday as well. I still work at my other job in the seafood department of woolies with my usual friday night 5hr shift and my sunday 3hr shift. But it is such a good job! I love it! My week is chokka block!

I can't wait for saturday to go to Wet'n'Wild! I get to go for a cheaper price and I am going with Sue, my mum and Wilson! My big sister might be coming too! But that can't be guarenteed....

Anyhoo I is off because I am tired.
Night all!
Beth xx

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ok what the hell is with this...All of a sudden these guys who are younger than me by a year or two start liking me and asking me on dates. WTF? Just because I am nice does not mean I like you in that way...I treat everyone the same just like I would like to be treated myself. I find this quite gross actually. I'm into guys who are my own age or even a year older but younger is a definite no. But the weird thing is, that it is after I leave school and when I don't see them at all that they "all of a sudden start talking to me more and liking me or asking me to the movies as friends then turning around and saying "no I want this to be a date"....either way my answer is just simply no. I don't know why but I honestly want to vomit about it. I don't want to be mean or anything but the truth is, not only are they just younger than me, but they are the type of guys who are a little more than the usual weird guy...these are guys who refuse to grow up and are either obsessed with cartoons to the point their room is full of them and all the clothes they own have either spongebob or invader zim. They have cardboard cutouts and stuffed toys of them and even spend their time mimicking their voices (which I must admit he is very good at and can do over 50 differant voices). The next is just so imature in everyway and has gross hygien and past shoulder length greesy hair. He is sweet and all but he is two years younger than me and I have known him since I was in grade 9....He hasn't changed much. Just no. The third I am not really sure if he likes me, but I know I am one of the only girls who will actually talk to him, but he makes me feel uncomfortable....let's just say, it is not going to happen. I must be giving off some vibe that says "Hey, all you guys younger than me, come fall for me, im only gonna break your heart because I don't like younger men but hey! why don't you all start liking me around the same time and irratate the shit out of me"....I hate this. I'm not exactly ready for a relationship, I'm actually kinda a little scared to jump into one because I have trust issues with men thats just so hard to get past and through past experiences (not just my own but with my mum and my sister and just living in the environment I have), I have become pretty picky about the guys I fall for. And it sucks. But the number one thing is that they must at least be my own age or a max of a year and a little bit older.

I just can't get this sickly feeling out of my stomach at the thought of it.

Well...I gotta start getting ready for work soon so laters all.
Beth xx

Thursday, March 10, 2011

...What a couple of few days!

I love going to my dads. It has been great fun. Dad had tuesday and wednesday off and a late afternoon-midnight shift.
Dad picked me up tuesday morning early before the sisters went to sleep. we went home and played for a little bit then put them down for a nap. While they napped, dad tought me how to use the coffee maker and we sat up the back under the gazebo thingy and had a coffee while he read the paper and I read my book....the one in my previous blogs :P 12:30 came and the girls woke up. We went to The Coffee Club for lunch....I had the nachos and the girls shared mine because there was so many! Afterwoods we walked around for a bit and I bought the girls birthday prezzy....they turn 2 next week!!! We went home and just chilled for a bit and I read some more. We also made caramal tarts with banana on top then thicken cream to cover the banana. soooo goood. My step-mum came home from work and we bathed the girls and cooked dinner and fed them....gave them a bottle of milk then put them to bed. Then we made our own dinner. Vietnamese rolls with seafood! nomnomnom. I read til late that night.
The next day dad thought it would be good to go to the beach and have fish and chips for lunch with the girls and maybe go for a swim and a play at the park. It was so much fun....the food was good and the girls had so much fun at the park. we went on the swings and down the slide and ran around everywhere. Finally we were tired and went for a little walk along the Jetty. I was holding Bear and the wind was blowing my fringe into my face. Bear kept pushing it out of my face for me....it was so cute. We went back to the car and drove home. Not long after we got home, my step-mum got back from work. So dad took me for a drive to teach me 3 point turns and reverse parking...later we went for another hour at night...he is a great teacher. I again read some more.

Today was pretty simple though I could really go for a sleep in but it looks like I might not get one. I'm back with my mummy now though I coulda cried when I said goodbye to the girls...I really miss them so much already. I am now re-writing my CV and failing miserably but Sue helped me out thankfully!

I gotta sleep badly now but I so desperately want to read.
Fuck it.
Beth xx

...Seafood Galore

Ok. So I have a new job in the seafood department where I work. It smells bad, we use strong chemicals to clean, it's stressful, and most of the time.....you're on your own. Tomorrow is my third shift and I am so nervous about it. I have to serve, change the trays, clean as I go, keep serving, clean some more, check the temp of everything and record it, wrap everything, bring out the buckets for the prawns, make a bucket of sanitised water for the tags, pack the wrapped seafood away into the cold room (after cleaning the coldroom), put the prawns into the buckets, cover them with ice and put them in the cold room, make slurry for the raw prawns, throw out the old stock, wash and sanitise the trays, hang them to dry, deep clean the floors and the seafood display, rinse it all down, and if I have time wash the left over trays and dividers too. I don't even think I have named everything. But I have 5 hours to do all this...I guess soon enough I will get a routine and things will be smoother and quicker but when it is seafood you are working with, you can't really make mistakes because people can get very sick and work can be blamed for it and then there goes my job. Btw doing all this....I am on my own. Even my first shift I was on my own...I just hope that everything has been re-stocked! I am trying not to phsyce myself out of it but ey what can I do...at least I have a permanent shift fridays nights for 5 hours and sunday arvos for 3. Means money....
Though I am applying for a job at this cafe. 25hours work they want and all training provided. I'll be an assistant barrister something a rather if I remember correctly. I hope I at least get a phone call back about it. Apparently not many people have applied for it and I know someone who works there. If I get the job, that would be great coz I would be able to keep my job in seafood but it depends If it all goes well and which one I prefer.

Well...that reminds me I should print off my resume for tomorrow.
I'll brb with one more blog about the few days I spent with my dad.
Back soon!
Beth xx

...This. Is. War!

Wow I have soooo much to write but I am dog tired and it's only 7:20! Well....I have had a great few days but I'll seperate it all into different blogs. But first of all.....my new obsession! Tomorrow When the War Began....Loved the movie and now I am FINALLY reading the books. Thanks to a great friend, I own the first 2 and well....I have already finised the first and half way through the second....luckily for me I was at the shops today so I got to use the last of my gift card to buy the third book...I know I will have to buy the rest very soon. I love the thrill of it. The tension, the love, the hate, the fury, the suspence. It is just so well written. The characters are portrayed so well and they all have such strong roles. Ellie of course being the main character is just pure awesomeness. But what I love about her is that she is just a true aussie but also a real teenager. I can relate to her and even the others easy. She is strong minded but not a typical hero. She isn't all "macho" I-can-handle-anything-lets-just-step-out-into-the-street-with-guns-and-shoot-all-the-baddies. She has real depth and emotion to her. I hate it when books try and make the main characters invincable. Kinda ruins the story for you.

I managed to also buy the movie today. I have not long finished it...I'm going to start reading my book again soon too because I really just need to know whats going on and how they are going to make it out of this one. I need to know if anyone dies or if Corrie is ok etc....I must have answers but shhhh no one tell me. Let me read :D

Thank you again dear friend! you know me too well...These books are awesome! I could rave all night about them.

Laters peeps. Gotta right my next blog.
Beth xx

Friday, March 4, 2011

...Yet another late night!

I FINALLY got to put positive sticky notes up with Sue! So thats another item off our bucket list! Putting those sticky notes everywhere in the shops was just awesome because we made so many peoples day. We had at least 400 sticky notes and we put them all up. In toilets, on clothes, on walls....Everywhere!
It really made some peoples night. Except we had two bitches run around taking them all down and they were going to throw them out...but these four random chicks went up to them and took them back and put them all back up for us! We were walking towards one end of the shop and these four chicks were walking on the other side and they saw Sue and I putting them up and they turned around and bolted to us. They kept saying how nice it was for us to be doing this and that we should do it all the time. They told us about those two chicks (Sue and I had already seen them taking them down) and what they did for us. They also told us about this one lady who had cancer. She picked up one that said "do one thing that scares you everyday". She turned to the four girls and told them how happy and how much better it made her feel inside because she had been feeling down about her cancer. She felt stronger reading it knowing someone out there was trying to do something positive for the world. They were so excited and they couldn't stop telling us how awesome we were for doing it. So we gave them half of what was left of our sticky notes and they had so much fun putting htem everywhere!

People were also wearing them on their shirts and giving them to the people next to them or their friends. It was really good. We also found a few that had been scrunched up on the floor so we picked them up and put them back where they should be. There was on in particular that I picked up that said "No Fear, You wounds will dissapear"....I decided to give it to some random lady that looked like she might need it. When I gave it to her I smiled and just walked away. Sue turned back to see her smiling at us and turn back to walk where she was going....It really made me feel so good to make people smile and feel ok about themselves. To question where they stand in life, what they are doing, what they want, and everything around them.

You all shoudl try it sometime....I know I will be doing it again soon....Except this time....I am wearing a free hug sign :D

Well...Laters all and Peace out!
Beth xx

P.s Live a little....There is no such thing as shame unless you make it so!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

...Awesome as....

I love my big sister Wisey! I hardly get to see her but she came down for my Aunty's birthday last night....It was pretty fun. Being me I decided to slam cake into my little cousin Clarkes face....twas fun. He decided to get me back by also slamming a huge piece of cake into my face. Lets just say I love family. But I love my sister the best! (she told me to write that :P )

Anyhoo, Wisey decided that she would spend the day with Mum and I today. She went to my little job meeting today with me and helped me out with that. I am very grateful for that. Afterwoods she had some things to do and we parted for a few hours. On coming back she joined Mum and I in our little oasis then decided we would lap it at the pool. She also stayed for dinner. Vege burgers...mmmm they're amazing. We sat around afterwards talking for a bit but I had some washing I had to hang out. As I am hanging out my washing, I hear a big splash. Wisey had fallen into our oasis. Mum and I were pissing ourselves laughing and the next thing you know, as my mum hugs Wisey....She is in the oasis too! Of course they didnt want me to miss out so mum thought it would be even more funnier to throw a bucket of water on me...ok maybe a few buckets of water. It was ice cold but quite refreshing. Let's just say, we have finally beaten the heat!

All in all, it has been a great day. Now we are just sitting around the outside table chatting about everything.
So I am off to re-join the convo!
Beth xx