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Sunday, February 27, 2011

...One big mosh pit!

Asking Alexandria, 36 Crazyfists, Dommin, BFMV, Stonesour, Bless the Fall, 30 Seconds to Mars, Coheed and Cambria, Blackout and The Polar Bear Club...with Iron Maden To finish it off. Well all I can say is FUCK YEAH! Gosh, Soundwave was the freaking awesome, amazing, and just pure epic. I have been waiting since my birthday last year to go and yesterday was the day.
With my friends Maggie and Wise, my day was complete. Moshpits, Death Circles, Wall of Deaths, Crowd Surfing and jumping off speakers into the crowd. I can't get over the excitement. I fell asleep with the entire day playing through my head.
I am speechless about the day...it was just amazing. I hope next years line up is good too coz I am so going!
I still have my wristband on and thankfully, I still have my dignity. After Soundwave, I was waiting for my mum and Wilson to come pick me up and they got a little lost. we found them on the otherside of the street we were on so we colted across the road dodging cars. I was doing pretty well as I was running down the gutter but then I stacked it. All I could hear from the crowd of people walking down the street was "oooohhhhhhh" but I ninja rolled and pretty much saved myself from being seriously injured. I rolled over ninja style and stood up quickly and kept running saying "im oooookkkk". full of adrenalin I bolten the rest of the way and Maggie and I opened up the car door and slid in just in time for the traffic lights to turn green.
I was very impressed with myself. I has the skillz.
SO it's the day after and I am totally exausted but content. All the blue, pink and purple that was in my hair is now gone almsot completely coz of the sweat and the sunscreen, but ah well.

Oh I needn't forget how amazing 30 Seconds to Mars was....He is amazing and the band is amazing. Everyone was so full of energy and the vube felt so good. I screamed like a little girl and was jumping up and down with excitement. Gosh I love them. So awesome.

Well there is still so much to tell but I don't know how to word it. Best Freaking Day Ever!

I think I may go to sleep soon and rest my head from this blasted headache.
Catchas later!
Beth xx

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