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Friday, February 18, 2011

...Well that was fun

So I have had a busy week and a bit.
First: I went to my dads last weekend and it was actually pretty good. I did some more manual driving with dad. He is a good teacher and I haven't paniced once with him. My little sisters were cute as always! We went the farmers markets on the saturday and got up at 6:00am to be there by 7am. We had our usual Knackwurst sausage for brekkie and a coffee with a morning tea of freshly made yogurt and freshly squeezed juice. Twas good. My grandparents came over that night too which was good. I always love seeing them. :) I had a pretty good weekend all in all complete with breakfast sunday morning with the family at The Coffee Club. Which leads me to the rest of my week.
My cousin Anne came over that sunday night and she is still here! :D It's been pretty fun. We have been staying up soooo late every night and waking up at 12:30 in the arvo. Most of the time has been spent doing not much at all besides pissing ourselves laughing. It has been great! We even managed to make Valentines day fun. Valentines day is my Mum and Wilsons 2nd anniversary. Mum went to Wilsons house on the sunday night at his request. Turns out that he had taken monday (valentines day) off just to be with mum. So Anne and I took the chance to have some fun. We made a little menu and decided to set up outside as a little romantice dinner place for two completed with little candles around our (brand new...well kinda old but new to us (mum surprised me with it when I got home sunday from dads :D)) spa pool (non functioning spa). We put a table cloth on the table complete with plates, cutlery, a wine glass for mum and a stubby cooler for Wilson. On the side we had a pot filled with Ice which contained a wine bottle of Wispers Chardonnay and two Four X beers for Wilson. In the pool we put flowers too. I ended up cooking a roast chicken marinated in lime and coriandor and roast vegetables. Let's just say the mum and Wilson LOVED it. We even served them Ice Cream with a drizzle of caramel and a freddo and ferrero rocher on top. :) twas a good night.
Also....I dyed some of my hair pink....it's freaking awesome. Anne was so excited she had the chance to dye my hair....finally! And tomorrow....we are putting Velvet Blue in mums hair.... we are excited! I am also having a strand of hair dyed pink with blue coon stripes. FTW!
Tonight Anne and I walked around the shops putting positve sticky notes on everything. There was even a lady walking around with one of my sticky notes on her shirt! It made me smile. After that we went and saw Black Swan.....It is such a brilliant, fucking AWESOME movie. Very well done, disturbing and on edge. It gave me goosebumps. I recommend it to you all.

All in all I am in a pretty rad mood!
Laters peeps!!!
Beth xx

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