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Thursday, February 3, 2011

...Burn Baby Burn

I know It's been a week but I have been to hot and bothered to even get on my laptop. So its been Realllly hot lately. I am ever so thankful that there is a pool just down the road from me. It's been great. Eating iceblocks, laying under a fan, sitting with an ice cold washer on my face and having cold showers....yeah I can't wait for winter. Hopefully I'll get to go skiing again. But I doubt that coz it's so expensive.

I'm liking the fact that it's February coz it means it's the last month of summer, so bring on winter! I love the cold so much better. But February also means Soundwave! Only the best 12 hour concert with over 20 awesome heavy metal/punk/screamo etc bands! And I get to go! I went last year for my first time and loved it and this year, it has even more awesome bands. I can't wait to mosh to BMTH and BFMV, 30 Seconds to Mars, Iron Maiden. Too many to name! I'm pretty excited. To buy a new (or a few) band shirts, chill out with one of my best friends and whoever else I'll run into there (guarenteed I will run into people), check out the stalls, mosh, crowd surf (hopefully) and exaust myself stupid. 10am-10pm of pure epicness!

I may not post anything this weekend as my mums partners' kids are staying with us while there dad goes to towoomba. Hopefully on Saturday we are going to Dreamworld! Tower of Terror 2, Bring. It. On! It should be good, as long as little miss 11yr old keeps her cool and shuts her mouth. I don't think I could put up with her singing and demanding attitude for much longer. At least mister 13yr old and I get along.

Laters Peeps!
Beth xx

P.s My thoughts are with those in North QLD. May you all be safe and may you never lose hope while Cyclone Yusi rages on.

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