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I am me, Me is I. I express myself through writing and through my actions but not my words. I think with my heart but sometimes my brain takes over. I dream, I feel, I breathe, I love, I think. With trust comes my respect but break it once and you will spends years maybe your life rebuilding it and it will never, ever under any circumstances be completely regained.

Monday, April 18, 2011

...Full on

Ok....So I haven't blogged much at all so you are all about to get a massive hit.....My internets been really slow but I have been working heaps...
Supernova! WELL! That was an amazing day. The costumes people wore were brilliant. So many people went right out of there way to make sure they looked almost exactly like the character they were after. But best of all, what I waited for more than an hour in line for....was I got to meet Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy). I was so excited. I have pictures of him shaking my hand and also a sneaky little video of him signing my photo of him for me...Might I add that he is very attractive and his accent is amazing! I litterally cried (I know, typical fan girl) when I walked away I was that excited.

But anyway all in all the day was brilliant. I bought myself a Yoshi toy :D and got a few other things. I ran into a friend whom I haven't seen for over a year. She is like a big sister to me so it was so good to see her. Anyhoo enough about that. I shall right another blog.

Beth xx

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