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Friday, January 21, 2011

...One big load of blah!

So I ahd work today. It was pretty good considering it was Thrusday late night. Not as busy as I expected it to be. However my feet are KILLING me. And so are my shoulders. But anyhoo. So there are a few things on my mind that Are really bugging me.
One: How on earth do I tell my dad that I didn't pass highschool?
Two: I just want to see my best friend but unfortunately her mother seems to hate me and refuses to let her see me. It really sucks. But I am so glad I got to walk around with her today while she handed out resumes. Her mum even knew that I was with her and wasn't overly bugged by it. But it doesnt change anything.
Three: How do you tell someone that they have to stop stalking you and calling you all the time and posting on your Facebook ALL THE TIME! But yet you guys have so many good memories and she still thinks you're her best friend. Well, you're kinda one of her only friends. But then again, you don't wanna lose her because everytime you leave her after hanging out for the day, you want to cry because you miss her like crazy, infact, you start crying about it while thinking about it now.
Four. What are my plans for tomorrow?
Five: How the hell do I get my feet to stop aching?
Six: I feel like watching a movie, but what movie?
Seven: I wonder how my little sisters are? I wish I could see them everyday. I can't believe that they are now 23 months old. It feels like an entire month since I have seen them. They are growing up so fast. I wish I could see their little faces everyday. Wake up to them banging on my door and saying in their cute little voices "Door?" Or while I hang off the end of my bed trying to put my hair up and one comes and gives my a sloppy kiss on my cheek or lips. Or when the other go "moo" everytime you ask her what sound a cow makes. Gosh they are gorgeous. I love sitting with them while they have bath time, even though I end up soaking wet because they think it is fun to tip a cup of water on me. Hehe.
Eight: I really need to drive more. COME ON 50 MORE HOURS! I'll get there eventually.
Nine: I hope we have Ice Cream in the freezer.

I know I am rambling on a bit but hey, don't we all?

I'm looking forward to Australia Day. I get to spend it with my dad. Which means I get to be with my little sisters. Should be good. Have a BBQ with some snags and maybe some lamb, or we will have seafood. Chill by the pool. Take the girls for a swim and just lay back and think of how good it is being an Aussie. :)
Also have some family friends up from Melbourne. I'm pretty excited because I get to see them on Saturday! They are amazing and I love them to bits. We might be seeing the movie Green Hornet.

I'm off to make myself some vanilla ice cream with chocolate mashed in it. Cold Rock Style!
Night all.
Beth xx

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