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Saturday, January 22, 2011

...Hellz Yeah!

It's funny to think that I mentioned that I hate floral prints on clothes....well guess what, I bought myself a floral print dress. And yes, I did say dress. But this one is really nice. Typical woman, can't make a decision.
I can't wait for today to really start. I'm heading down the coast to catch up with my family friends from Melbourne. I Can't wait! We have crab ready to eat by the beach, might go see a movie. Not sure really. All I know is I am excited to see them. I miss them heaps.

Last night was so much fun. My mum and I normally don't get to do anything together as just us. But after waking up finally at 3:30pm, I had this spontaneous idea to go to the Drive-In. My mum actually agreed on it. We cooked the crab before we left to be ready for tomorrow, made some sammiches :D grabbed a box of Shapes: Cheese and Bacon flavour (the best), two water bottles and our pillows. We reversed the car in and popped the boot, laid the chairs back and put our pillows down. We watched Green Hornet and Unstoppable. Two very good movies. Green Hornet was hilarious with just the right amount of action, though a little slow to begin with. Unstoppable was brilliant. I was sitting on the edge of the boot biting my fingernails with suspense. There was hardly any swearing in it too which was great! Made me focus on the movie more (I hate it when the make characters swear all the time, just makes the film look like trash). I recommend it for anyone who hasn't seen it. I love my mum. It was such a great night. When we got home we had a cuppa tea and a hot chocolate then slept like babies. I even woke up at 8am this morning. That NEVER happens. For the past week I have woken up at 12ish. It's rediculous.

I'm off. Time to get ready for the day :) Movie World tomorrow FTW! Could things get any better? Such a good mood.

Beth xx

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