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I am me, Me is I. I express myself through writing and through my actions but not my words. I think with my heart but sometimes my brain takes over. I dream, I feel, I breathe, I love, I think. With trust comes my respect but break it once and you will spends years maybe your life rebuilding it and it will never, ever under any circumstances be completely regained.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hello World :) Nice to meet you.

Hey there. My name is Beth. I am currently 17yrs of age and I'm a shorty. I'm fairly open-minded and I can't stand people who just don't listen and are arrogant with self pride. Usually I am very good at telling a lie from the truth and my gut instinct is always right. Don't be shy, so if you want to get to know me or want to ask me a question, feel free.

So, I finished school. Probably one of the best feelings of my life. I'm taking a gap year so I can afford my TAFE course (coz they are so flipping expensive these days). Also joining the army reseves part time until I have finshed all of my qualifications then bring on the full time army.

Bit of a risk taker and love adrenalin rushes. Take me to a theme park and I'll be sure to be lining up for the "scary rides" :P. I plan to jump out of a plane one day (with a parachute of course) also bungee jumping is on my list. I plan to travel the world and ski the highests of mountains and swim in the bluest of ocean. Planning on doing the kakoda track too.

You can usually find me sitting on my couch with my computer on. I really have to get outta this house more often.

I should probably go to bed now. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Ugh. Bloody wisdom teeth.

Catch yas later ;)
Beth xx

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