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I am me, Me is I. I express myself through writing and through my actions but not my words. I think with my heart but sometimes my brain takes over. I dream, I feel, I breathe, I love, I think. With trust comes my respect but break it once and you will spends years maybe your life rebuilding it and it will never, ever under any circumstances be completely regained.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

...Long time no blog!

Well....what can I say. I got lazy? Bored? Distracted? Totally forgot about the blog? Bad internet? Yeah excuses but pshh.

SOOOO. A lot has happened since my last blog which was a bit of a rager.... which I apoligise for.

Anyhoo. So I am not sure whether or not I posted about this but I lost the job at the coffee shop. Long story but they "didn't think I was up to scratch". Actually I reached the end of my probation period and rather than costing them $10 an hour...I jumped up to $13 hour. They can get stuffed.

Also...Wilson's son. The one whose mother I was raging about before....yeah he can get stuffed. He broke my trust. He lost my respect. And he lost my friendship. He can beg and crawl and send as many soppy sorry messages as he wants but he will NEVER get that back. Not explaining why. But he is a disgusting Dirtbag!

Wow it's hard to summerise everything that has happened since my last blog. Fuck I can't spell tonight!

Also on a greater side....I got my Provisional Licence!!! I am so excited because I can now drive everywhere on my own! Which is great because I am house/dog sitting my Aunt's house for a week while she goes on holiday with her husband! I am so excited but my mother is so scared. :) typical mum hehe.

If I think of anything else I need to blog about than I shall blog but right now my brain is mush after a shitty day at work...I filled in for another store....my gosh do they need to learn how to tidy as they go.

anyhoo! Night all!
Beth xx

P.s You're Amazing! Believe it!

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