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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

...My buisness...not yours bitch!

FOR FUCK SAKE! I am seriously raging right now! Wilsons ex-wife (whom we call vagina) has started shit about the fact her son and I talk, text and IM on Facebook eachother....we are best friends, and that's what best friends do! Being best friends, we talked about a lot of personal stuff, he confided in me as I did him...well stupid idiot ignored me when I said delete all messages just incase coz we know what his mother is like....well he didnt...and Miss Vagina went through them ALL! FML. She sent everything He and I spoke about to Wilson who (apparently chose not to read them but I think he did) and she started shit going off about the content of the messages....this could fuck some things up...I want to hit, scream, scratch, punch, throttle this woman with all that I have and show her how much her kids distrust and have no respect for her....She goes through EVERYTHING they have...their phones, their facebook, their entire life, what they say, do, see...SHE HAS TO KNWO EVERYTHING...been to the toilet but forgot to flush coz you were in a hurry? She'll know about it and her kids will cop it. She tries to wreck my mum and Wilsons relationship and she is trying to fuck me over..but by gosh...she has no right to do this...she has something wrong mentally...I reckon Bipolar to the extreme but this incesive need to know absolutely everything....she even invades my privacy on facebook but going through my stuff then arking up about something on my page...IT IS MY LIFE! She has no need to intrude...

I just want to cry and have a big cuddle. Mum doesn't know what Zach and I spoke about so she doesn't understand why I am soo furious and want to cry...she just thinks I am being stupid....FFS

Miss Virgina...Go die in a hole....go fuck yourself then throw yourself into that little hole and die...No I will never be polite to you. Next time I see you don't expect me to be polite. You have not got my respect or trust therefore I will treat you like you are nothing but a piece of shit...

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